Student Stories

Bachelor of Arts in International Hotel Management - Karen Warde

BA in International Hotel Management - Karen Warde - GMIT

I chose to study in GMIT, as I felt that it offered the best practical learning experiences that are needed to work in the hospitality industry.

I had initially applied for the Level 7 programme and graduated at the end of year three with my Bachelor of Business degree in Hotel and Catering Management. However, I felt there was still so much more to learn about this industry, and so I progressed into the fourth and final year of the hotel programme and will hopefully graduate with an Honours degree come the end of 2020.

Before starting this course, I had never worked in a hotel; I was going into college to learn something new and exciting. I love being able to meet new people and network and felt this course was the best one for me. The idea of being able to have a degree that is recognised worldwide and to work in an industry that you get to meet amazing people and get to travel the world and work in amazing hotels, I still find it so exciting to this day.

Throughout my four years at Galway International Hotel School, I gained numerous experiences. I got to visit La Rochelle with my classmates and carried out my seven-month work placement in Scotland. Our amazing lecturers organised trips for us to visit different hotels around Ireland. A lot of us are now able to say that we have “wined and dined” and enjoyed amazing meal experiences in Ashford Castle, Gregans Castle and the Twelve Hotel are just a few examples of the places we have visited.

The workplace is very important throughout your studies at Galway International Hotel School. I completed my three months placement for year 1 in the Ardilaun Hotel in Galway and in year 2, I had the amazing opportunity of carrying out my international placement in the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland. These were both amazing experiences, and I was able to put the practical and theoretical side of my studies into action.

These work placements are vital in this industry. They help you to network and make connections with different employers that will help open new and exciting opportunities for you. The experiences and the knowledge and skills you gain along the way, are ones that you will always have going forward in future. The connections that I have made in my four years in GMIT are still ones that are helping me gain new opportunities and proves how important networking with people is, in this industry.

I thoroughly enjoyed my four years in GMIT and highly recommend this course in Galway International Hotel School to anyone who loves meeting new people, enjoys hard work, are practical people and would love the opportunity to work abroad.

The lecturers in this college are amazing. They help you with everything you could possibly imagine. The women in the links office are hardworking and always there when you need help with CV’s, cover letters, job applications. They have wonderful connections, and you name it, they can do it. I have made friends for life because of this course. I have made many fond memories during my studies here, especially of all the places that we got to visit together.

Going forward when everything settles back down again and we phase into the new normal, I aim to travel and continue working in hotels and gain new experiences and put my four years of knowledge and skills into great practice.