Student Stories

Religious Studies - Michael Brown

Michael Brown - GMIT Religious Studies graduate

My name is Mick Brown. I am from Wicklow, originally, and moved to Galway 20 years ago. I work in the area of disability as a Social Supports Facilitator. I completed my religious studies degree in May, 2018.

I was always aware of GMIT from when I first came to Galway. I had previously completed evening classes here in psychology. I loved the depth which the degree in religious studies added to my previous learning. 

The religious studies programme was life-changing. My favourite module was Media, Theology & Ethics. We all made presentations to the class. The lecturers and everybody in the class were very supportive and encouraging. It was a wonderful thing to experience. The dissertation was also a great experience, and I learned so much from doing it.

It was a wonderful thing being a student in GMIT; it opened me up as a person in so many ways. I am a folksinger and songwriter, and I wrote two songs inspired by the course. I sang them for a charity fundraiser in the college canteen and at community events in Galway.

I plan to continue my learning, and to remain a member of the GMIT library. The course has been great for my creativity and I'm confident that the learning I gained at GMIT will continue to inspire creativity in my life in the future.