Human Centred Product Development


In this module, the learner will become proficient at the methods common to users experience (UX) design. The module studies the behaviours and experiences of users interacting with Products, devices or systems, by way of understanding the perceptual, cognitive, ergonomic, and other scientific underpinnings of usability.  The student will seek out an innovation opportunity by way of an independent project requiring in-depth research relating to context and audience analyse, ethnographic research, persona development, visualising concepts, prototyping, and user feedback. Emphasis will be placed on design thinking to evaluate and scrutinise the development of new innovative value propositions. The output of the module will be a fully finished Industry-standard innovative prototype that’s intent is to improve the user experience in an existing scenario. It will be supported by the full process documentation, describing the opportunity, the design thinking process, user analysis, concept ideation and selection, intermediate prototypes, usability testing, refinement, and final client presentation.The module will also apply the relevant UN sustainability goals to project briefs.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify an opportunity for innovation with existing products and services.

  2. Apply design thinking, design skills and innovation to create products

  3. Critically assess UX/user interaction and  principles from a range of perspectives

  4. Design  low – fidelity prototypes  and evaluate using the appropriate methods of usability testing

  5. Produce industry-standard prototype for final presentation

% Coursework 100%