The fundamentals of drawing, illustration, printing, composition, narrative and sequence are studied through iterative research and development. Students will explore a wide range of techniques and methods for creating image-based visual language. The module encourages students to develop their problem-solving and image-making skills to develop work that is both conceptually and aesthetically communicative. As illustrators, students will respond to brief and be tasked with visually communicating ideas relevant to the communications aims, content and target audience. This module will also look at the breadth of emerging opportunities for illustrators, current practices and practitioners.   

Learning Outcomes

  1. Conceive and develop imagery that communicates a message.

  2. Demonstrate exploratory research and develop ideas using a range of media and approaches. 

  3. Describe formal qualities of imagery using discipline specific terminology. 

  4. Appraise the viability of their own design solutions and that of peers through participation in seminar discussion and group critiques. 

  5. Identify practitioners working in the field.

% Coursework 100%