Industry Work Placement


Industry specific work placement is a key element of this programme. It's focus is the gaining of knowledge, skills and competence through structured, supervised and assessed work exposure in a professional environment. In addition to developing life and employment skills, this module recognises that real and effective learning occurs during quality assured placements, and the learning outcomes and assessment methodologies are designed to enable the student to demonstrate this learning.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Illustrate the organisational structure of the business enterprise;

  2. Report on the history of the enterprise or destination and summarise its strategic intent;

  3. Analyse the physical and geographical location of the business enterprise;

  4. Describe the range of products and services or outputs of the enterprise and state the pricing policy that is applied to these;
  5. Participate as an employee in a business enterprise;

  6. Describe the process of recruitment, selection and training/development of staff that occurred during your placement;
  7. Describe the stock taking process and operational control functions including the security of cash and the prevention of fraud;

  8. Identify the formal and informal channels of communication;

  9. Identify the work processes and flows within the enterprise;

  10. Explain the markets served by the enterprise or destination and critically consider the needs of these markets;
  11. List the technologies employed by the enterprise and identify how other technologies could be employed and understand the impact these could have;
  12. Identify the fluctuations in demand experienced by the enterprise and suggest action that could be taken to smooth demand over time;

  13. Explain how the enterprise does or can adjust its operating costs in relation to different patterns of demand;
  14. State the key service standards that the business enterprise has adopted and evaluate their implementation and their relevance to the markets served;
  15. Maintain an employment diary which records the nature of tasks undertaken and that captures any incidents. Critically analyse the management of these incidents;
  16. Critically consider incidents and be able to describe their cause and effective management;

  17. Describe the different styles of leadership that you have observed being used within the business enterprise;
  18. Evaluate the marketing activities of the enterprise;

  19. Reflect on self-performance at work and respond appropriately to employment appraisals.

% Coursework 100%