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New Frontiers Business Start-up Companies: 2012

Dorothy Creaven - Element Wave

Name of Promoter:  Dorothy Creaven

Name of Company:  Element Wave

Contact Details: 
Tel: +353 (0)91 450077
Email: Sales

Product Description: The company's first product is a mobile marketing delivery service for the native app market. It is used by brands with mobile apps to dramatically increase user engagement and customer retention. Delivered online using software as a service (SaaS), it is integrated easily into new or existing mobile apps and is available to purchase as a monthly subscription. In the past, it has been shown to improve user engagement by 400% and user retention by 200%.


George Curley - CGA Software Ltd.

Name of Promoter:  George Curley

Name of Company:  CGA Software Ltd.

Contact Details:
Website: (company), (product)

Product Description: FlexMMS combines a web and mobile technology and NFC to integrate Health & Safety Management, Equipment Management and HR Management activities. FlexMMS designed for contract companies with dynamic projects situated in multiple geographic locations, scaling up & down rapidly, remote from the company’s management structure FlexMMS simplifies compliance management, ensuring records are permanently available, 24/7, worldwide, features auto escalating activities, ensuring actions necessary for regulatory compliance are completed or escalated.

Shankar Ganesh Jayagopi - Instillo Ltd

Name of Promoter:  Shankar Ganesh Jayagopi

Name of Company:  Instillo Ltd.

Contact Details: 
Tel:  +353 (0)91 773789

Product Description: Instillo Ltd. is in the “Digital Signage” market, which is currently in its global growth phase. Signage.IO, its first product, is gaining traction among system integrators in the US, Europe and emerging markets. Its cost-effective Android-based solution offering rich, interactive features like face/gender/age, gesture and voice recognition to suit different market sectors while enhancing consumer satisfaction and retention, ultimately boosts sales.

Aonghus O hEocha - GIRT Mobile

Name of Promoter:  Aonghus O'hEocha

Name of Company:  GIRT Mobile

Contact Details:

Product Description:  GIRT mobile produces mobile applications for the 6 most popular smartphone platforms. Presently it services media, biomed, health, finance and events industries. It is now focusing on ways of delivering its services to enterprise and finance clients in a more effective and efficient manner, using an innovative mix of new 'web-to-native' development products. These products will be sold under the Appeazee and Swiftranz trade names.

Name of Promoter:  Sorcha O'Grady

Name of Company:  TruckScience Ltd.

Contact Details:
Tel:  +353 (0)98 39120

Product Description:  Truck dealers use TruckScience to identify the correct configuration of truck for their customer, vis à vis axle weight distribution, fuel consumption and costing. Truck salespeople are empowered to give their customers scientific advice on their choice of truck, thus gaining the trust of their customer and increasing truck sales. Our primary target market is commercial vehicle manufacturers worldwide, for rollout to their dealer network. TruckScience is a cloud-based software solution, usable by non-engineers.

GMIT Innovation

Name of Promoter:  Enda Hoolmaa

Name of Company:  Simply Better Ltd.

Contact Details: 

Product Description:  Simply Better Ltd. is a powerful Mobile and Social Loyalty platform that builds diner retention through transactional loyalty. Restaurants can send their customers targeted promotions based on their purchases straight to any phone which can be redeemed in store.

Michael Morrison - Cloudlink

Name of Promoter:  Michael Morrison

Name of Company:  Cloudlink

Contact Details:
Tel:  +353 (0)98 25577

Product Description:  Cloudlink transport manager is a web based transport management system for coach and chauffeur operators. With our system, operators can greatly improve the efficiency of running their business while also improving cash flow.


Garvan Newman - Escape 2 Sport

Name of Promoter:  Garvan Newman

Name of Company:  Escape 2 Sport

Contact Details:

Product Description:  We develop and market on-line sports competitions with social networking concepts for commercial sports clubs. This gives the sports clubs access to new and current fans and allows for an increase in revenue previously not available to them.

Alexandre Passant - MDG Web limited

Name of Promoter:  Alexandre Passant

Name of Company:  MDG Web Ltd.

Contact Details:

Product Description:   Online music is a huge and growing market, as recent statistics show that 58% of the population has a digital music collection. Yet, finding new and relevant music become challenging for users, while artists struggle to get more fans – and eventually revenue.  To overcome those challenges, MDG Web develops Seevl, a music discovery assistant, constantly crawling the Web to get information about artists, bands, labels, genres, etc. and to deliver the best possible user-experience to music lovers, also ensuring that artists get exposure and drive new fans. Seevl is currently available as a browser extension acting on top ofYouTube, and will soon be released on mobile and Spotify.


Pádraig Neylon - Trazoo

Name of Promoter:  Pádraig Neylon

Name of Company:  Trazoo

Contact Details:
Tel: 1890 253 216, UK +44 02030 026 218

Product Description:  Trazoo is an online platform where hotels bid against each other to secure a group’s accommodation business.  It offers a structured and time saving approach to gathering group deals and packages from multiple hotels for agroup organiser or travel agent.

Colm Murphy - Pure Appy

Name of Promoter:  Colm Murphy

Name of Company:  Pure Appy

Contact Details:

Product Description:  Pure Appy provides an end-to-end app development service at an affordable price.  Our goal is to assist our clients reach their mobile customers and enhance their mobile commerce strategy.  Our highly skilled team of app developers has over 30 years’ experience between them.



Peter Hayden

Name of Promoter:  Peter Hayden

Name of Company: GameFerret

Contact Details:

Product Description: GameFerret is a marketing tool for game app developers that allows them to directly target an interested 'opted in' audience through in game cross promotion.