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New Frontiers Business Start-up Companies: 2014

Tomás Thompson - Rockfield Medical Devices

Name of Promoter:  Tomás Thompson

Name of Company:  Rockfield Medical Devices

Contact Details: 

Product Description:  Rockfield Medical Devices is an innovative medical device company based in Galway. The mission of the company is to focus on human centered design process as its main R&D driver in all areas of healthcare.  We have developed a strong pipeline of innovative products and built strong partnership with end-users, academia and healthcare staff.

Sarah Roarty - N17 Brewery

Name of Promoter:  Sarah Roarty

Name of Company:  N17 Brewery

Contact Details: 

Product Description:  We are a brewery that squeezes every last drop out of the brewing process. So far, we've found another eight products we can make, all from the byproducts from brewing the humble pint. Untapping potential in people and products means that not only does our beer taste good, it inspires imagination and does good too.

Frank Enright - Q Pathway

Name of Promoter:  Frank Enright

Name of Company:  Q Pathway

Contact Details: 

Product Description:  Companion Software from Q Pathway will provide the first complete suite of intelligent and lean workflows for MedTech Quality Management Systems. Uniquely, it will include compilation of records for regulatory filings including Technical Files for CE marking and 510k submissions for the US FDA. Q Pathway will launch Companion Software in 2015 and MedTech customers will benefit from intuitive and leaner workflows, reduced time to market for medical devices and redeployment of valuable resources away from administrative paperwork.   

Barry Glynn - Advanced Molecular Systems Ltd

Name of Promoter:  Barry Glynn

Name of Company:  Advanced Molecular Systems Ltd.

Contact Details:

Product Description:  Advanced Molecular Systems provide an outsourcing option to companies looking to develop new DNA based test. The experience and track record of the AMS team, combined with our unique “no-strings” IP policy make it easier for clients to deliver their next DNA based test. 

Karen Coleman - Planet Podium

Name of Promoter:  Karen Coleman

Name of Company:  Planet Podium

Contact Details: 

Product Description:  Planet Podium aims to end the endless cycle of boring conferences by redefining how they are delivered and ensuring full inclusion from panellists to attendees.  We help clients to choreograph panel debates, keynote speeches, audience interaction and other critical elements to transform their conferences into exciting, memorable occasions. We are about bringing the art of conferring back into conferences.   

Fionntán Gogarty - Wildwood Vinegars

Name of Promoter:  Fionntán Gogarty

Name of Company:  Wildwood Vinegars

Contact Details: 

Product Description:  We produce award winning vinegars and dressings for the Irish and export market.  Based in Co Mayo, we use ingredients of the highest integrity and have been endorsed by Ireland's top chefs and fine food retailers.

Ciarán Flynn - ClearBookings Limited

Name of Promoter:  Ciarán Flynn

Name of Company:  ClearBookings Limited

Contact Details: 

Product Description:  ClearBookings is an Irish company delivering generic and bespoke solutions for a diverse range of online booking activity including event registrations, e-ticketing, class/course bookings and resource scheduling. Target sectors include Health & Fitness, Events/Festivals, Corporates and Educational.

Anne Walsh - Allergy Lifestyle

Name of Promoter:  Anne Walsh

Name of Company:  Allergy Lifestyle

Contact Details: 

Product Description:  Allergy Lifestyle have brought together over 200 allergy & asthma friendly products. We are now developing a system which will allow anyone who has a child with a life threatening allergy in their care deal with an allergic reaction and keep the child safe.

Gerard Coyne - Jumly Ltd

Name of Promoter:  Gerard Coyne

Name of Company:  Jumly Ltd.

Contact Details: 

Product Description:  Jumly offers an innovative cloud-based solution which provides an interface between mobile app technology and enterprise systems.

Cathal Curtis - Saretime Ltd

Name of Promoter:  Cathal Curtis

Name of Company:  Saretime Ltd.

Contact Details:

Product Description:  We are a Software Research & Development company. We are targeting the Food sector. We provide software to ease the burden of Food Safety and Quality.

Lochlann Scott - Helplink Health Limited

Name of Promoter:  Lochlann Scott

Name of Company:  Helplink Health Limited

Contact Details: 

Product Description:  Helplink Health Ltd. provides award winning and creative digital health solutions that are patient focused, for both the domestic and international markets. HEALTH PA is their new product to be released in 2015: HEALTH PA - ‘Your Personal Health Assistant’.

Jai Prakash Mehta - SEQOME Ltd.

Name of Promoter:  Jai Prakash Mehta

Name of Company:  SEQOME Ltd.

Contact Details:

Product Description: We are Big Data Scientists specialising in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. Our team actively develops Analytics and Software to work with high throughput Omics datasets. We specialise in working with Genomics, Transcriptomics, Epigenomics and Proteomics datasets.

Gerard Murphy - Elgerslide

Name of Promoter:  Gerard Murphy

Name of Company:  Elgerslide

Contact Details: 

Product Description:  Our company, Elgerslide, has designed and is developing a mobility transfer device, which we have patented. Our company will manufacture and sell this device.

Ashwin Kher - Telmedico

Name of Promoter:  Ashwin Kher

Name of Company:  Telmedico

Contact Details:

Product Description:  Telmedico is an IT Healthcare company dedicated to providing value in healthcare through the provision of IT products and services with patent applications, product design and development.

Barry Flavin - Eazy Bills Ltd

Name of Promoter:  Barry Flavin

Name of Company:  Eazy Bills Ltd

Contact Details: 

Product Description:  Eazy Bills is a new start up online bill management service for tenants living and or renting in shared housing anywhere in Ireland.  Eazy Bills is an online, safe, hassle-free bill management service.