Internet of Things Project


The Internet of Things (IoT) project module provides a structured engineering project experience in the general application area of the Internet of Things. Students develop an individual project in a collaborative learning environment, with structured support lectures, laboratories and mentoring on selected subject areas. The module progresses from idea creation, research and planning through design, build, test, costing, presentation and demonstration, while incorporating Agile project management principles. Students focus on technical skills and soft skills concurrently throughout the module and will consider the impact of their design on achieving the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) 2030.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Research an Internet of Things based application area and create a project proposal.

  2. Discuss a selected project application area, including industry trends, technologies, ethics and impact on UN sustainable development goals 2030.

  3. Select suitable hardware, software and networking elements to implement theproject, following general guidelines.

  4. Develop, integrate and test hardware and/or software elements of a project, on a specified Internet of Things development platform.

  5. Apply problem solving techniques to technical and other issues that arise in the context of a project.

  6. Manage project deliverables throughout the project timeline.

  7. Contribute towards a collaborative working environment, as well as work independently towards project goals.

  8. Demonstrate project technical functionality, and understanding of technical and mathematical concepts and implementations incorporated.

  9. Communicate project ideas, design and deliverables orally in and written format.

  10. Cost and provide sourcing information for all project components.

% Coursework 100%