Introduction to Archaeology and Built Heritage


This module will provide an introduction to the concept and components of built heritage, principally archaeology, folklife (anthropology) and architectural heritage. The relationships and overlaps between these disciplines will be explored. Particular focus will be given to archaeology, a uniquely hybrid discipline many of whose field and desk techniques are applicable across the other disciplines.

Learning Outcomes

  1. recognize the breadth and depth of human settlement heritage wordwide;

  2. categorize the various scientific and non-scientific techniques employed by archaeologists, anthropologists and architectural historians to record and interpret the past;

  3. articulate the value and importance of artifactual and monumental remains for the interpretation and presentation of the past;

  4. demonstrate a knowledge of the principal legislative measures and bodies (governmental and non-governmental) invloved in the protection and presentation of built heritage in Ireland, north and south;

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%