Introduction to C Programming


This is an introductory module to C programming. Learners will design, develop, test, debug, evaluate, document and present programs. They will learn the essentials of computer programming: variables, data types, single dimensional arrays and programming constructs including conditions, loops and functions. Focus is on program design, good programming practices and documentation using industry standard tools.

Learners will also be introduced to the impact of ICT on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Create simple C programs incorporating selection structures, loops, data types standard library and user defined functions.

  2. Design pseudocode and flowcharts as tools for algorithm design and documentation.

  3. Apply good programming practices when writing code.

  4. Explain the influence of ICT (Information Communication Technology) on achieving the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

  5. Apply problem solving techniques to debug simple programs.

  6. Work collaboratively with peers on  a team project.

% Coursework 100%