Introduction to Digital Media


This module deals with the role of digital media in communicating knowledge via the Internet.  It provides the student with the practical and reflective experiences required for engaging audiences in areas such as culture, the environment, history and business.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Have an understanding of what constitutes Web 2.0

  2. Develop knowledge in the role and significance of social and digital media.

  3. Develop skills in the establishment of an online community through the use of a number of different online applications.

  4. Demonstrate a knowledge of the range of multimedia elements required for online presentation.

  5. Exhibit knowledge of multimedia formats with particular emphasis on skills for image manipulation

  6. Demonstrate knowledge of the basic concepts of web site structure, design and the development process.

  7. Develop the ability to build and deploy a web site.

  8. Be capable of realising the potential of a web presence through the understanding and use of website optimisation techniques.

% Coursework 100%