Introduction to Professional Culinary Practice


The learner will undertake an industry work placement in a professional working environment for 600 hours. The placement programme will enable the learner to develop an awareness of the working environment and to apply theoretical knowledge and practical skills gained in their studies. This placement is supported by a member of the academic staff, together with a workplace mentor. The learner will contribute positively as a member of an organisation or team; maintaining time-keeping, personal presentation, meeting deadlines and adherence to health, safety and other relevant regulations and practice. Execute work practice tasks and responsibilities in a professional and safe manner.

The aim of the placement is to introduce the learner to structured employment at operational level in their respective field of study and for the learner to develop an understanding of the organisation and its procedures in a real world environment. This module is a pass/fail module

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognise the nature of work and be able to adapt to the needs of the professional working environment;

  2. Apply and build on a range of professional skills, knowledge, and attributes that are essential for the professional working environment;

  3. Recognise areas of learning that are important for effective professional standards and best practice. Reflect on and analyse this learning and experience;

  4. Determine the importance of teamwork as part of a total quality management approach to improve quality and performance to meet customer needs and expectations

  5. Identify how work is planned and organised at different levels within the organisation;

  6. Contribute effectively to the business organisation, working professionally at a level commensurate with fulltime employment in a first post;

  7. Devise a professional career plan using a holistic approach to personal and professional development

% Coursework 100%