Introduction to Research


This module aims to provide students with a knowledge and understanding of the nature, purposes and terminology of research. It provides students with an understanding of the research process, key methods used in research and develops their research skills for application in variety of different contexts.

Learning Outcomes

  1. have a broad, integrated knowledge and understanding of the nature, purposes, terminology and data collection methods that will enable them to complete their own independent research

  2. have an understanding of the key steps in the research process, the need to adopt a systematic approach and be able to exercise appropriate judgement in research design including the selection of appropriate methods to apply in the context of their own research

  3. understand the role and value of primary and secondary data

  4. be able to carry out a literature review and source secondary data relating their research topic

  5. be able to use a range research techniques in collecting primary data 

  6. to recognise there are different types of data and the implications for analyses 

  7. have an awareness of and sensitivity to the problems of plagiarism and copyright, ethical considerations and access isssues in research

% Coursework 100%