Introduction to Sociology


This module provides a detailed introduction to sociology with a particular reference to its application in Outdoor Education settings and practice.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will have a comprehensive foundational understanding of the discipline of sociology – its concepts, classical theorists and methodologies.

  2. Students will have a foundational understanding of the nature and structure of contemporary society and how this influences the individual.

  3. Students will develop an understanding of the historical and theoretical development of sociology;

    They will develop a structural and analytical understanding of contemporary society. This will include a capacity to analyse basic concepts such as society, culture, socialization, values, norms, roles and class.

  4. Students will be capable of analyzing, in a basic introductory manner, how social structures influence the individual;

    They will understand themselves more fully as social actors.

  5. Students will be competent to understand their role as outdoor educators informed by the theoretical insights offered by sociology.

  6. Students will be competent to apply their theoretical understanding of society and social settings to their reflection and practice as outdoor educators.

  7. Students will recognise the introductory nature of their theoretical understanding.

    They will understand the contested and open nature of sociological knowledge.

  8. Students will be able to combine the knowledge, skill and competence they have acquired.

    Students will have a structural understanding of social processes and a more analytical understanding of their role as social actors.

% Coursework 30%
% Final Exam 70%