Irish Folklore


This module introduces learners to a selection of major texts published by some of the most influential scholars of Irish folklore since the early nineteenth century, giving an opportunity to discuss various folkloric themes and the issue of cultural continuity versus innovation and change. The historical, ideological and social contexts of the selected texts are analysed, thus giving learners an appreciation of how folklore emerged as an academic discipline and developed in Ireland. The module reinforces learners’ training in the conventions of academic research and writing, and gives them an opportunity to use a variety of important sources in order to research a local folklore topic of interest to them.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the major historical, ideological and social forces that influenced the development of the academic study of Irish folklore.

  2. Discuss the work and impact of key scholars in the field of folklore since the early 19th century.

  3. Analyse selected materials within the collected folklore of Ireland, displaying an awareness of cultural continuity and innovation, of relationships between literary and oral tradition, and of selectivity inherent in the process of preservation of heritage.

  4. Research designated folklore topics at an appropriate level of scholarship, using a variety of source types.

  5. Present research and analysis using the established conventions of academic writing.

% Coursework 100%