Leading Strategy Implementation and Change


This module provides students with an opportunity to study and analyse the issues associated with leading strategy implementation and change in hospitality organisations. This module emphasises the interdependence of strategic planning and strategy implementation and it focuses on implementation or execution as an important academic and practical concern for hospitality managers. It addresses the managerial challenge of strategy implementation, particularly by examining the organisational elements that must be drawn into line to support a strategy, as well as the complexities of leading change in an organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Investigate and examine the interdependencies between strategic planning and strategy implementation.

  2. Evince a knowledge of the implementation process and explain how effective implementation is central to strategic success.

  3. Critically evaluate how management can adapt the organisation, its structure and processes to enable effective strategy execution.

  4. Categorise and assess an in-depth knowledge of the role of organisational culture in successful strategy implementation.

  5. Critically assess the role of leadership in managing strategy implementation and change.

  6. Critically appraise ethics as a key component of strategic management and implementation.

  7. Apply conceptual reasoning to identifying, analysing and defending material presented in case studies.

% Coursework 40%
% Final Exam 60%