Learning and Innovation Skills Letterfrack


The aim of this module is to empower students with the skills to be successful in third level education and the workplace. This module combines online learning activities and small group workshops to focus on areas such as academic writing and integrity, creative thinking, problem solving, communications, career planning, report writing, innovation, technology and presentation skills, standard learning, workplace and internet applications including a Learning Management System, word-processing, presentation, browser, email and search engine software safely.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse and appraise time management skills and learning strategies

  2. Engage in creative problem solving and work as an effective group member;

  3. Appraise appropriate and available information sources applicable to particular contexts;

  4. Demonstrate ability in academic writing and referencing sources of information;

  5. Apply the basic principles of critical thinking / problem solving and communication skills

  6. Use a personal computer operating system and be capable with basic file management commands.

  7. Use information systems to research and select information critically, properly and efficiently using web browser and search engine tools and communicate this information competently.

  8. Design personal productivity applications using selected software products and communicate proficiently using internal and external communication systems

  9. Use a word-processing application to produce documentation relevant to the workplace, including reports and presentations.

% Coursework 100%