Learning & Teaching e-Portfolio


This level 9 module facilitates Higher and Further Education teaching staff to develop an electronic Learning and Teaching Portfolio (e-Portfolio) representing their ongoing professional development. The module facilitates practitioners to integrate the theory and practice of learning and teaching. Participants are facilitated to construct their own web-based portfolio by mean of hands-on training workshops and  peer review and assessment processes. The resulting e-portfolio artifact provides evidence of professional critical thinking learning processes, best practice samples of learning and teaching, illustrations of innovation and creativity, and demonstrations of both reflective practice and critical thinking. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Outline the appropriate content of, and provide a cogent rationale for, the development of a professional L&T e-Portfolio

  2. Critically develop a personal philosophy statement, appropriate to an e-Portfolio platform, which demonstrates the applied theory of learning and teaching

  3. Effectively construct a profesional web-based L&T platform, with attention to both design and professional content

  4. Creatively and aesthetically showcase sample L&T initiatives and achievements

  5. Demonstrate reflective critical practice in the context of an e-Portfolio reflective blog, and/or other means

  6. Creatively and critically document the learning process underpinning the construction of the e-Portfolio artifact.

% Coursework 100%