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Life and Physical Sciences

Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health (Jobs Stimulus Module)

Discipline: Life and Physical Sciences

Location: Galway - Dublin Road

NFQ Level: 6

Mode of Study: Blended Learning

Application Route: Apply direct to GMIT

Places: 30


Free to unemployed applicants. €37 to employed applicants (€331 funded by HEA)

Why Study?

This module has been designed to provide students with a detailed examination of the relationship between nutrition, physical activity, health and disease in humans. In particular, the influence of diet and physical activity on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity will be considered along with counselling and goal-setting for diet, nutrition and exercise.

Programme Modules

Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health - 5 ECTS Credits

    Learning Outcomes: 

    On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;

    1. Explain the role of physical activity and nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease and have a sound understanding of key research that underpins this relationship.
    2. Explain, with an evidence-based argument, the dietary factors necessary to elicit an improvement in risk factors associated with a variety of diseases.
    3. Provide a detailed explanation of the different nutritional and physical activity requirements for healthy living in humans, according to life stage, sex and health status.
    4. Provide a detailed evidence-based description of the influence of genetic and environmental factors on the effectiveness of physical activity and nutritional interventions for healthy living.
    5. Demonstrate autonomous use of specialist knowledge databases to develop novel approaches to challenges associated with physical activity and nutrition strategies for healthy living.
    6. Evaluate the likely effectiveness of contemporary physical activity and nutrition recommendations to affect workplace or community health promotion interventions.

    Essential Information: 

    Credits (ECTS)

    5 Credits



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    Course Schedule

    Start date: 18/01/2021

    End date: 30/0642021

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