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Certificate in the Financial & Economic Environment (SPA)

Certificate in the Financial & Economic Environment (SPA)

10 Credits, Level 7, Semester II

Why Study?: 

This module provides students with an overview of the financial and economic context within which organisations operate.

It affords students the opportunity to appreciate the central role of the financial function in an organisation.

It also offers students an insight into the importance to the organisation of the economic environment.

This course is classified as a Special Purpose Award (SPA).

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon completion of this module students will be able to:

  1. Gain a knowledge and understanding of the nature, purposes, role and scope of accounting
  2. Analyse, interpret and evaluate accounting information
  3. Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of cost terms and of how these costs relate to business decision-making
  4. Explain the budgetary process and its importance in organisational control
  5. Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the nature, purposes, context and fundamental principles of economics and apply these principles to resource allocation decisions
  6. Have an appreciation of the role of markets in a local and global context
  7. Demonstrate an appreciation of the nature of economic growth, its drivers and its limitations
  8. Demonstrate an ability to contribute to debate on contemporary economic issues


  • Introduction to Financial Environment
  • Financial Accounting
  • Cost Concepts, Classifications & Measurement
  • Budgetary Planning
  • Cost Volume Profit Analysis
  • Introduction to Economic Environment
  • Economic Systems
  • Market Structures
  • Demand, Supply and Prices
  • National Income
  • The Irish Economy

Other Essential Information: 

Duration: 7hrs/week

Time: 9:00am - 4:15pm/Fridays - Semester II

Dates:  10 & 31 January, 6 March, 3 April, 1 May and exam in May



Discipline: Business

Location: Mayo

NFQ Level: 7

Category: Part-time Accredited


Caroline Clarke

Phone: + 353 (0) 94 904 3271


Programme Duration: 15 Weeks