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Employee Well-Being

Employee Well-Being

5 Credit, Single Accredited Module, Level 7 - Semester II

Why Study?: 

'A healthy, motivated and well‑qualified workforce is fundamental to the future social and economic wellbeing of the European Union' (ENWHP 2007). The workplace influences health and well‑being in various ways.

This module aims to analyse the links between the workplace and employee health and well‑being and to discuss ways in which health and wellbeing can be promoted and protected in the workplace. 

Learning Outcomes: 

On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to:

  • discuss definitions and measures of health and well‑being.
  • appraise the relationship between work and employee health and well‑being.
  • examine the historical development of employee health and well‑being movements.
  • appraise the benefits of promoting employee health and well‑being.
  • analyse principles and methods of promoting and measuring employee health and well‑being.
  • propose plans for promoting and evaluating employee health and well‑being.
  • recognise the challenges in promoting employee health and well‑being. 


  • The meaning of health and wellbeing.
  • Measuring health and wellbeing.
  • The relationship between work and health and well-being.
  • History and background to workplace health and well-being.
  • Benefits of promoting health and well-being in the workplace.
  • Indicators of health and well-being in the workplace.
  • Principles of promoting health and well-being at work.
  • Conditions for success.
  • Specific topics in employee health and well-being.
  • Challenges.

Other Essential Information: 

Dates & Times:

  • 18th January Friday 12.00 13.00
  • 27th January Sunday 9.00 12.00 
  • 27th January Sunday 12.00 13.00 (Seminar in Westport)
  • 27th January Sunday 14.00 16.00 (Seminar in Westport)
  • 1st March Friday 9.00 11.00 
  • 22nd March Friday 9.00 11.00 
  • 12th April Friday 14.00 16.00 



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Location: Mayo

NFQ Level: 7

Category: Single Subject



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