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Basic Foundation Course in Counselling

General Interest Course - Offered Semester II

Why Study?: 

This course provides an introduction to counselling and an appreciation of counselling skills and practices.


  • Introduction to Counselling:  What is counselling and the need for it in our lives and communities?
  • Definitions and Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy.
  • The basic skills necessary in Counselling e.g. listening skills, empathy, non-judgemental attitude, etc.
  • Examining the counselling relationship on a practical basis and looking at the benefits and challenges facing client and therapist.
  • Examining the role fear and stress play in our lives.
  • Developing daily practices to live more in the present moment.
  • Practicing counselling skills using role plays and small groups.
  • Relaxation activities.
  • Looking at educational and career options on completing the course.

Entry Requirements: 

Ability to hold details in confidence and a desire for personal growth.

Other Essential Information: 

Duration: 2 hrs / per week 10 weeks
Time: 7pm - 9pm / Tuesdays Semester II
Start date: Tuesday, 29th January, 2019   





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