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IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

Why Study?: 

The aim of this course is to prepare students to sit the IELTS academic exam. The course will explore the test paper by paper, examining in detail each task type. The course gradually builds up the skills, language and test techniques students need to approach IELTS with confidence.

The course will focus on the four skills that are tested in the IELTS exam:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

The course is for students who have an intermediate to upper-intermediate level of English. It will suit people who wish to study in English at undergraduate or postgraduate levels, and for those seeking professional registration. After completion participants will have developed the necessary skills to sit the IELTS exam.


Training for the IELTS means building confidence in each part of the exam, each class will practice at least two skills. There will be individual, group and pair work within the classroom and because of this students will have the opportunity to learn from each other as well as from the teacher. Below is a guide to the topics and language areas covered.

The Listening Module

  • Orientating yourself to the text
  • Listening for specific information
  • Identifying main ideas
  • Following a description
  • Identifying main ideas
  • Seeing beyond the surface meaning
  • Following signpost words
  • Following a talk

The Reading Module

  • Orientating yourself to the text
  • Scanning for a specific detail and skimming for general understanding
  • Identifying main and supporting ideas
  • Improving global reading skills
  • Summarising
  • Understanding argument
  • Identifying the writer’s views and claims

The Writing Module

  • Interpreting charts, tables, graphs and diagrams
  • Describing trends
  • Summarising information
  • Comparing and grouping information
  • Approaching the task
  • Planning your essay
  • Turning your ideas into written arguments
  • Linking your ideas

The Speaking Module

  • Responding to personal questions
  • Becoming more fluent
  • Preparing your talk
  • Giving your talk
  • Understanding abstract and analytical questions
  • Giving a reasoned response

Entry Requirements: 

The course is for students who have an intermediate to upper-intermediate level of English.

Other Essential Information: 

Duration:            3hrs/week

Time:                  6:30pm - 9:30pm / Tuesdays  – Semester II

Start dates:         Tuesday 29th January 2019

Course Book:     Students will be required to purchase a course book (approximately €45)




IELTS EXAM FEE: Fee is payable separately to relevant Test Centre.

Discipline: General

Location: Mayo

Category: Professional Association


Lifelong Learning Mayo Campus

Phone: 094 904 3156


Places: 22

Programme Duration: 15 Weeks