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Adventure Tourism

5 Credit, Single Accredited Module, Level 8 - Semester II

Why Study?: 

This aim of this module is to highlight the principle characteristics of adventure tourism, the diverse forms that this can take, the industry structure and the attributes of the consumer and their motivations. It also examines the impacts and management structures.

Programme Modules: 

• Definition and classification of adventure tourism including historical background and development. Trends and challenges within the adventure tourism market including an examination of consumer behaviour.
• Economic, social and environmental impacts of this expanding industry - Are there ethical and business dilemmas in the Adventure Tourism industry?
• Case Studies - both national and international, which highlight the characteristics of a live adventure tourism organisation.

Learning Outcomes: 

On completion of this module, the learner will/should be able to
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the evolution of adventure tourism from sociological and historical perspectives.
2. Understand the issues influencing the demand and supply of the Adventure tourism product.
3. Assess the environmental, economic and social impact of Adventure tourism in a variety of location types.
4. Critically assess operational and management issues in the Adventure tourism sector.
5. Provide examples from the domestic and international adventure tourism industry to highlight examples of best practice.

Other Essential Information: 

Duration:            2 hrs per week (13 weeks)
Time:                 7.00-9.00pm/Thursdays
Start date:         Thursday, 24 January 2019



Discipline: Outdoor Education

Location: Mayo

NFQ Level: 8

Category: Single Subject



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