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Bushcraft and Wilderness skills

Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills

Learn how to live comfortably outdoors for extended periods of time through demonstrations, discussion and experiential learning

Why Study?: 

This course aims to equip learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding required to comfortably live out of doors for extended periods of time.

The module will address and explore wilderness and bush-craft skills, contemporary as well as traditional, through demonstrations, discussion and experiential learning.

This module will introduce students to a broad base of knowledge with respect to living outdoors; starting with appropriate clothing and equipment before moving on to skills like cooking over an open fire.

This is a very practical module and participants are required to attend three full days training including one overnight camp.

All elements of this module will be delivered outside using the Outdoor Classroom on the Mayo Campus as well as local forests.

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Programme Modules: 

One of the essential skills in bushcraft is lighting and maintaining a fire. Students will be introduced and guided through a range of fire lighting skills and fire lays to suit a variety of conditions.

Camp/ Shelter
Living comfortably is what good bushcraft is about, and in this section, you will be introduced and guided through essential camping skills like knots and hitches, wa-ter purification, cooking methods, build-ing and erecting common shelters.

Craft Skills:
This course will look as basic carving skills as way of reinforcing good knife technique. We will also guide you through the process of making cordage from natu-ral resources like roots and inner bark.

Natural History:
Being able to identify trees and plants and understand the functions they have, not only allows for a safe and informed practise, but it also brings us closer to the natural world. Students will be introduced a variety of common plants and trees and shown their practical and medicinal uses. With the knowledge provided students will get an opportunity to make their own first aid salve.

Other Essential Information: 

While every effort will be made to ensure sunshine during the training course, participants will be expected to dress appropriately for the outdoors.

In situations where the weather becomes unmanageable for training purposes, we may have to reschedule some of the components; Bushcraft is about working in harmony with nature, not against it!

For some students simply participating in the course will satisfy their needs, however, for anyone wishing to do the assessment it will require a further half a day in May.



Discipline: Outdoor Education

Location: Mayo

NFQ Level: 6

Category: Part-time Accredited


For course information please contact:

Dr Davy Walsh




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