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Archaeology: Medieval Art and Architecture

Level 6, Semester II, 5 Credits

Why Study?: 

This module introduces the archaeology of the medieval period in Ireland (c.400-c.1540) with a particular focus on the art and ecclesiastical architecture of the period.

Programme Modules: 

  • Early Irish monasteries and monastic sites, Islands and Hermitages; Church Architecture; Round towers.
  • Overview of Early Medieval Art: Insular Manuscripts, (Cathach, Book of Durrow, Book of Kells). Early Christian metalwork. Stone sculpture: development of High Crosses.
  • The Vikings: Viking art styles in Ireland.
  • The High Middle Ages: Romanesque architecture, new monastic orders, the Cistercians, Gothic architecture.
  • The Late Medieval Period: Mendicant friaries, tombs and effigies

Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Describe the range of archaeological evidence for art and ecclesiastical architecture in medieval Ireland.
  2. Discuss the range of styles and influences that are apparent in medieval art and architecture in Ireland.
  3. Explain the major chronological sequence of medieval Irish art and architecture and place these developments in their historical context.
  4. Analyse specific examples of medieval artefacts and buildings from an archaeological perspective.

Other Essential Information: 

Duration: 2hrs/week
Time: 7-9pm/Mondays- Semester II
Start Date: Monday, 15th January, 2018



Discipline: Tourism Hospitality and Heritage

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NFQ Level: 6

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