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Archaeology Medieval Settlement

Archaeology – Medieval Settlement (Level 6)

5 Credit, Single Accredited Module, Level 6 - Semester I

Why Study?: 

This module aims to equip students with knowledge of the secular settlement of the medieval period in Ireland.

Programme Modules: 

  • Landscape of Ireland 400-1200 AD
  • The Vikings in Ireland
  • Castles in Ireland
  • Settlement patterns in high and late medieval Ireland
  • The Plantations

Learning Outcomes: 

On completion of this module, the learner will/should be able to
1. Describe the evolution of settlement in Ireland in the medieval period.
2. Examine case studies of medieval secular buildings in Ireland with reference to their form, function, style, social significance and historical context.
3. Analyse settlement patterns in medieval and early modern Ireland.
4. Assess the development of towns and villages in medieval and early modern Ireland.

Other Essential Information: 

Duration:        2 hrs per week (13 weeks)
Time:              7.00-9.00pm/Mondays
Start date:      Monday, 21 January 2019



Discipline: Tourism Hospitality and Heritage

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NFQ Level: 6

Category: Single Subject



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