Manufacturing Design of Fixtures (Apprenticeship)


This module in delivered in 2 parts: Theory and Practical. The practical element of this module follows on from CAD 1 and progresses the learner with three-dimensional (3D) Computer Aided Design (CAD) modelling, and constructing solid models relating to parts and assemblies. The students are introduced to the importance of standard parts – integrating standard components, fasteners, clamps, dowels etc. 2D working drawings are also addressed. It also introduces the role and application of CAD relating to the manufacture of products in the context of working holding and automated manufacturing and the role of metrology therein.
The Theory aspects of the module aims to impart the workpiece holding and orientation as considered in modern automated manufacturing techniques. The theory element also imparts designing fixtures with operational considerations, maintenance and repair and design for manufacture elements.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the fundamentals of part orientation and principles of workholding.

  2. Describe the design of systems for part orientation & holding

  3. Select the relevant method of actuation of fixturing systems

  4. Describe specific fixturing system types

  5. Use CAD to design and implement a fixture related project

% Coursework 100%