Mathematics for Software and Electronic Engineering 1


This module covers the fundamentals of Numeracy, Algebra, Trigonometry, Vectors, Complex Numbers, Differentiation and Integration and a range of their applications in engineering contexts.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Simplify and manipulate algebraic expressions and evaluate and transpose formulae.

  2. Change base values and convert from one number system to another

  3. Solve a range of equations and word problems.

  4. Draw graphs of standard functions and interpret graphs.

  5. Calculate trigonometric ratios, solve triangles and analyse sine and cosine waveforms.

  6. Perform calculations involving complex numbers in Cartesian and polar form.

  7. Perform basic phasor calculations.

  8. Differentiate single variable functions using the Sum/Difference, Product, Quotient and Chain Rules and apply differentiation to the solution of engineering problems.

  9. Integrate Functions Term by Term

% Coursework 40%
% Final Exam 60%