Modern Classics and Global Cuisines


This module is designed to build on and consolidate the skills and knowledge gained in year one, and to give the learners the opportunity to develop specialist expertise and creative ability in the areas of classical and contempory cuisine.

The learners will research, prepare, taste, serve and evaluate traditional regional dishes and beverages from a variety of global cuisines.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Consolidate knowledge and practice of hygiene and safety legislation and practices and their applications in industry.

  2. Participate effectively as a team member in a food production and food service operation.

  3. Identify the basic ingredients, flavours and associated beverages of selected global cuisines.

  4. Demonstrate knowledge of techniques and equipment required to competently produce menu items from a range of International cuisines.

  5. Competently prepare and present a range of classical and contemporary menu items.

  6. Apply decision making, motivation, leadership and communication skills to a food production and service operation.

  7. Develop innovative and creative skills in the preparation and presentation of menu items.

  8. Evaluate the cost factors involved in the production of classical and contemporary dishes.

% Coursework 100%