GMIT digital media & marketing student conducts research on public perceptions of drone use for product delivery in Oranmore

Trial project is being undertaken in partnership with Irish drone delivery company Manna


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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

GMIT Digital Media & Marketing student Annette Hassett from Oranmore has commenced an intriguing research study on how a particular drone delivery service is perceived by consumers, businesses users and drone company employees in the area in which she lives.

Annette, from Oranmore village in County Galway, is conducting the survey as part of her Masters of Science in Digital Media & Marketing programme at GMIT Mayo. She is working in partnership with Manna, the Irish drone delivery service operating a trial in the suburban county Galway village.

The purpose of the research study is to gather and analyse data that assists in understanding how the drone delivery service is perceived by end users (consumers), businesses using the drone to deliver their products and drone company employees.

Annette, who approached Manna in February, to ask if they would cooperate in the research project, has no affiliation or involvement with the company. She has lived in the Oranmore community for the past 15 years and having used the drone delivery service herself decided to undertake this survey to find out what other people thought about it, as part of her postgraduate programme of study in GMIT Mayo.

"I am delighted to have this opportunity to research an evolving technology that is now available in my own village.  Ultimately, I hope the research will contribute to gaps in knowledge to help answer the question 'Commercial Drone Delivery in Ireland, Fad or the Future’”.

“An initial literature review I conducted found many articles highlighted resistance to the use of drone technology being implemented in areas such as policing in the US.  Recurring themes internationally focused on security and privacy breaches around the perceived use of drones.  However, there seemed to be a lack of academic research published from end users of commercial delivery services. The opportunity to study Manna,  an Irish start-up company operating commercial drone delivery testing, presented itself in Oranmore where I live”. 

“The way it works is a leaflet will be included in each drone delivery with a QR code to access a survey. Other tools include Facebook surveys for residents who have used the service previously and those who have not used the service/do not intend to use it.  Interviews will be conducted with businesses using the drone delivery service to distribute their products and an interview with the CEO of Manna.”

Noreen Henry,  lecturer in Computing in the Department of Enterprise and Technology, GMIT, and Project Supervisor, says: “Often digital and technological advancements are happening right in front of us without us realising the potential or consequences for us as individuals and society.  The people of Oranmore are experiencing innovation as part of their daily life and it is essential that this piece of technological history is researched and captured for future developments.  Annette recognised this opportunity on her own doorstep and had the foresight to integrate the experience of her community into formal academic research that will have future implications reaching far beyond the western region of Ireland. The research has the potential to inform policy and practice of drone operations internationally.” adds Ms Henry.

Eamon Walsh, Head of  the GMIT Department of Enterprise and Technology, says:

“I am very pleased that Annette is conducting this important research which I’m confident will provide useful insights into commercial drone delivery for Manna and indeed anyone interested or involved in this exciting new technology. This is exactly the kind of impactful, applied research we want to be involved in which underpins the pillars of research, innovation and engagement as we strive to become a Technological University in collaboration with our partners, IT Sligo and LYIT. I look forward to reading the results!”

Annette’s final research paper will be available through the GMIT library.  For further information on the GMIT Master of Science in Digital Media and Marketing, see:

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Annette Hassett, a post graduate student on the Master of Science in Digital Media and Marketing, GMIT Mayo.

Annette Hassett, a post graduate student on the Master of Science in Digital Media and Marketing, GMIT Mayo.

Annette Hassett, a post graduate student on the Master of Science in Digital Media and Marketing, GMIT Mayo.Manna drone delivering “messages” to Annette Hassett’s home, Oranmore.Manna drone hovering over Annette Hassett’s home in Oranmore.

Video of drone delivery Oranmore

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