GMIT establishes new secure bicycle shelter at Gaway campus

Friday, November 06, 2015 Press Office
Press Release

Over 300 GMIT staff have availed of Cycle to Work scheme

A new secure bicycle shelter has been established at GMIT’s main Galway campus for use by GMIT students and staff. Located in the centre of the campus between the old and new buildings, the facility is fully enclosed and provides protection from the weather and from theft due to its access-control entry and exit system.

The shelter can accommodate approximately 100 bicycles and has internal lighting for the winter evenings, and CCTV coverage for additional security.


Cathal McHugh, GMIT Buildings & Estates Department, says: “It’s hoped that the provision of this new bicycle shelter will encourage more students and staff to use this facility and in turn drive this more sustainable form of transport. Already the uptake on its use has been high and the feedback from all users has been very positive.”


Staff and students can avail of the secure bicycle shelter by bringing their college ID to the GMIT Students Union on campus. There is currently no charge to use the SBS however a €5 deposit is required to get an access card which is refunded at the end of the college year. Each card is specifically assigned to the user. The system logs the users on entry and exit.

Over 300 GMIT staff have availed of the Cycle to Work Scheme since the Government initiative was rolled out in January 2009. The scheme encourages employees to cycle to and from work, or between work places, thereby contributing to lowering carbon emissions, reducing traffic congestion and improving health and fitness levels.

The scheme exempts from income tax the benefit-in-kind arising from the provision of a bicycle and bicycle safety equipment by an employer to an employee. The employer and employee enters into a salary sacrifice arrangement whereby the employee agrees to forego part of their salary to cover the costs associated with the purchase of the bicycle and safety equipment.  The employee is not liable for tax or PRSI or levies on the salary foregone.

There is a limit of €1,000 on the amount of expenditure an employer can incur in respect of any one employee.  Additionally, the exemption from income tax in respect of benefit-in-kind can only be availed of once in any five-year period by an employee.  For further information, see:…