GMIT Film and TV Degree Students Showcase their work in Special Eye Screenings

Friday, August 09, 2013 Press Office
Press Release

A graduate showcase of work by 28 students on the GMIT Film & TV degree programme will be shown in the Eye cinema in Galway on Friday, 7 June, from 10:45am.

The screening will comprise of ten short films including documentaries, short films and experimental work which will be opened by the Head of the GMIT Centre for the Creative Arts & Media Sarah Searson.

The private screening will be attended by the students and their families, lecturers and invited industry and film-related guests.

Among the films being shown is the short film ‘Buck’ in which a young man awakes during the night to find his conscience, in the form of a homeless man, encouraging him to deal with the issues that prevent him from sleeping.

Documentaries include ‘Emotional Burgary’ which examines the emotional fallout of a woman who discovers that her life was under surveillance by a private investigator. Another documentary ‘Credence’, an imaginative study of the commonalities and disparities of religion, has recently secured a place in the prestigious Guth Gafa festival in Donegal.

“These screenings represent a personal and professional landmark for our students, as they set about the first steps in their career”, says Celine Curtin, programme chair of the Film & Television programme in GMIT.

“These documentaries and short films will be the first public presentation of their creative process and showcase of their technical abilities. They will be entering an industry that thankfully is thriving despite the downturn in the economy. Each year, we are proud to see many of our former graduates finding their place within the industry, and our best wishes go to this class of 2013."

Information on the current BA in Film & Documentary course is available on the GMIT website at: