GMIT lecturer launches educational book about furniture & interiors

Monday, November 03, 2014 Press Office
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'An Illustrated Dictionary of Furniture & Interiors', published by Stobart Davies

Dr Marion McGarry, a lecturer in GMIT's Letterfrack campus, has written a new book about furniture aimed at students of furniture design and interiors.


‘An Illustrated Dictionary of Furniture of Furniture & Interiors’, published by Stobart Davies, explains the basic terminology associated with the discipline. It may be used as a handbook by furniture designers, interior designers, architects and those working in retail or anyone with an interest in home decor. It has over 1,000 definitions.

Dr Marion McGarry joined the staff of GMIT in 2004. Prior to this she worked in the furniture industry in Ireland and the UK as a designer, specialising in fitted furniture. She has an MA in History of Art and Architecture (UL) and a PhD in Irish heritage architectures and cultural identity. She has published papers in journals (IASTE Berkeley's Traditional Settlements Review and the Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquarians of Ireland) and in History Ireland magazine.


Dr McGarry says "The book actually started life as a set of notes on a terminology lecture for a module I teach called Design of Interiors. I realised that no such book exists for students of furniture design, and so I developed those further.”


“My main objective was not to write a glossy coffee table book that no-one would read but rather to create an informative factual book that would be affordable to students and would be a handbook they could continually use during their professional careers.”


Dermot O’Donovan, Head of GMIT Letterfrack, says: “This book is a great resource for anyone interested in both contemporary and traditional furniture. From Alvar Alto to zebrawood, this booked is packed with information and terminology related to interiors and furniture.”


“It will be a great reference guide for students, lecturers and practitioners and so easy to navigate. It’s already on our recommended reading lists for a range of modules. Well done to Marion for filling this knowledge void”. 


Published by Stobart Davies, the book is available to buy £8.99 STG RRP at


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