GMIT Sets up New Advice Centre on Cao Change of Mind Options

Friday, August 09, 2013 Press Office
Press Release

New Information Service for Parents and Students runs until 1 July

GMIT is to operate a new Advice Centre for parents and students on CAO programmes, college choices and GMIT student life, in the run up to the CAO Change of Mind deadline on 1 July.

The new GMIT Advice Centre, which will be operational from Monday 24 June, incorporates a new Callsave number, 1850 211 894, and interactive sections on the website where users can post questions and get immediate answers about all GMIT programmes. Questions can also be asked on the official GMIT facebook site,

CAO applicants and parents also have an opportunity to learn more about GMIT via the ‘GMIT Channel’ on You Tube with over 50 different videos on student experiences, graduate presentations and other college events.

The Callsave number 1850 211 894 will be open from Monday to Friday, during office hours. Questions will be answered by heads of department and the Schools Liaison Officer.

GMIT Registrar Michael Hannon says the new Advice Centre allows people to access information about the college 24 hours a day. “25% of CAO applicants use the CAO Change of Mind facility, and our new Advice Centre allows people to ask questions in the crucial week before the Change of Mind on 1 July (5pm).”

This year, GMIT launched a range of new honours degrees in the disciplines of Business, Civil & Energy Engineering, Digital Media, Furniture Design & Technology, and Science. The new programmes are:

Visit GMIT’s website, and ask questions about any programme using the blue ‘Questions’ tab shown on every programme page.