Increase in demand for computing and science courses


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Date Article Written: 

Monday, August 20, 2012

CAO points for Computing and Science programmes in GMIT have increased significantly this year in line with the national trend: Computing in Software Development (Level 7 ordinary degree) jumped by 65 points to 315, while the level 7 Science degree jumped by 45 points to 340.

Points for the level 7 degree in Physics & Instrumentation increased by 25 points to 290, with General Nursing at GMIT Castlebar increasing by 10 points to 410.

Points for the teaching degree programme at GMIT Letterfrack (B.Sc. Honours in Design and Technology Education) remains the same at 445 despite a 25% drop nationally in applications for teaching programmes.

This year, points for the honours degree in Construction Management increased by 30 points bucking the national trend. This appears to reflect student confidence that jobs will return to this sector in four years time.

Points for the new Level 8 honours degree in Film & Documentary in GMIT are 440. This programme will replace the level 7 Film & TV ordinary degree, commencing in 2013.

Michael Hannon, GMIT Registrar, says the Institute is happy to see the overall increase in demand for Science and Computing. “Applications for the ordinary degree in Physics & Instrumentation increased by over 20% on last year reflecting GMIT’s commitment to supporting programmes of national significance. Everything is cyclical and the new popularity of Physics justifies our strategic decision to support this programme in leaner times.”

“Demand for Business and Construction related programmes is less than last year, however some of these programmes will have places available in the second round of offers and will be placed on the vacant places list later this week. Vacant places offer students an excellent opportunity to apply to GMIT, even if they did not apply during the normal CAO process. Students are advised to check both the GMIT and the CAO websites for further details,” adds Mr Hannon.

GMIT offers 15 programmes at level 8 and 42 programmes at levels 7/6. The number of applications for level 8 programmes increased by almost 10% compared to the 2011 applications. This was balanced by a slight decrease in applications for level 7 programmes