Major increase in CAO applications for GMIT construction courses


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Date Article Written: 

Monday, March 10, 2014

The latest CAO figures (March 2014) show a bounce back in demand for construction and civil engineering programmes in GMIT.  Applications for the honours degree in Construction Economics and Quantity Surveying programme are up 80% this year on last, while applications for the honours degree in Architectural Technology are up 43%.


Other discipline areas showing significant increase compared to last year are Business and Information System Management, Mechanical Engineering, and Film & Documentary. The new honours degree in Outdoor Education at the Mayo campus is attracting significant interest, despite only being included on the CAO Level 8 list before Christmas. Prior to this, it was offered as a level 7 (ordinary degree) programme.


Last year GMIT increased the number of its honours degree (Level 8) offerings through the CAO by fifty per cent. This year (2014), the number of level 8 programmes has increased by 26%. While the level 8s are proving popular, GMIT continues to offer level 7 ordinary degrees which offer students an opportunity to progress to an honours degree through what’s commonly known as the  ‘ladder system’. Students who have successfully completed a three year Level 7 programme can progress to a one year add-on honours degree programme (Level 8)


GMIT Registrar Michael Hannon says, overall, the latest CAO figures show there is a major shift towards level 8 honours degree applications. “More and more students are showing greater maturity in the choices they are making.”


“Looking at the national picture I’d be concerned for the almost 5,000 students who applied to the CAO and made no course choice. We would urge students to consider making up their minds as soon as possible and to visit our website to find out about our programmes and student life.”