Nursing & Social Care Dept hosts public seminar on student placements

Friday, November 14, 2014 Press Office
Press Release

Strengthening links between theory and practice, Mayo campus, Friday 21 November, 9.30am - 12.30pm

GMIT Mayo’s Department of Nursing and Social Care will host a seminar on student placements in health and social care settings, titled ‘Strengthening links between theory and practice’’ in GMIT Mayo on Friday next, 21 November (9.30 am to 12.30 pm). 


Organised by the GMIT Department of Nursing and Social Care, the keynote address will be given by Sean Campbell, CEO of Foróige, Ireland’s most successful youth organisation. His talk will focus on Foróige's journey to outcome-focused and education-based practices within a youth work setting.


The seminar will be attended by academics, students and practitioners involved in the health service sector in the western region.


Other speakers are Jeannette H Hartman, a senior lecturer from NHL-University of Applied Science, the Netherlands, a partner college with GMIT Mayo in the area of social care studies. Ms Hartman will give a short overview on how practice is embedded in the curriculum of the NHL-Social Work, how theory and practice meet in the third year placement and how students are confronted with professional ethics. 


Applied Social Studies students in GMIT, who have returned to education, will speak about how their skills from previous professions can be underpinned by new knowledge acquired through the Applied Social Studies programme and how it can be applied in social care settings. 


Dr Sheila McArdle, Assistant Lecturer, GMIT, will present preliminary research findings pertaining to existing experiences of student placement with a view to pending CORU regulations regarding Social Care.


At the final session, Gerry Murray, an instructor at the Ballina Training Centre, Mayo Mental Health Services, will speak about the practicalities of working with students on placement.  


An open question and answers session will conclude the seminar.  All are welcome to attend including students, practitioners, GMIT staff and members of the public.   Admission is free.


Event organiser and GMIT lecturer, Dr Sheila McArdle, says “The event is an opportunity for all participants to discuss and exchange information regarding the transfer of theory into practice, looking at how each partner organisation is involved in helping prepare students for professional practice.”


Kathleen Taheny Murphy, Head of Nursing, Health Sciences and Social Care at GMIT Mayo says: “Our Applies Social Studies students are equipped with a specialised education in Applied Social Care as a basis for a long-term professional career in a diversity of social care and related practice contexts, and as a basis for further academic and professional education.”


“Likewise our graduate nurses are equipped with the necessary competencies to become nurse leaders who will actively engage in promoting health and well-being and be client advocates at local, national and global levels.”


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