Nuclear Engineering and Fuel Cells


The aim of this module is to provide the students with an introduction to nuclear reactor technology and fuel cells, with particular emphasis of power generation. The module will give the students the scientific and engineering knowledge to enable them to analyse and evaluate the application of these technologies.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain Atomic Theory, Radioactivity.

  2. Describe nuclear fission, fusion and other energy sources, their advantages and disadvantages.

  3. Describe radiation sources and interactions including those of gamma, beta, alpha, and neutron radiation.

  4. Demonstrate the underlying principles of energy conversion systems for transforming nuclear heat into power.

  5. Interpret the applicability of nuclear energy systems to electricity generation, powering of desalination and hydrogen production plants.

  6. Identify the key safety issues associated with nuclear power generation.

  7. Outline and demonstrate the structure, operating principles and major features of each of the main types of fuel cells suitable for small scale stationary or mobile power applications.

  8. Select and specify a fuel cell system for a stand-alone power system application.

  9. Evaluate suitable applications for mobile fuel cells.

  10. Investigate potential applications for Fuel Cells in Ireland.

% Coursework 20%
% Final Exam 80%