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General Nursing Student - Mairead Linnane

Mairead Linnane General Nursing student

My name is Mairead Linnane, and I am from Galway, I am a third year student on the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in General Nursing in GMIT Mayo Campus.

I found out about GMIT through the CAO and then I checked out GMIT’s website. One of my friends from Galway also studied in GMIT Mayo and assured me that I would enjoy the experience.

I have really enjoyed my experience in General Nursing so far.The main reason I have enjoyed it so much is because the lecturers here are approachable, helpful and reassuring. Each lecturer knows our names individually - we are not just seen as a number and this creates a more personal experience which I feel is invaluable.

My favourite module is Clinical Practice Placement, this entails being out in the wards delivering care to patients alongside your mentor. My most challenging module is biological and related sciences, it is quite a difficult topic however our lecturer is very supportive and holds tutorials coming up to exams, which are beneficial to the entire class.

The decision I made in coming to GMIT Mayo Campus has been a great one and has exceeded all my expectations.  I have made friends for life from all over Ireland which I think may have been more difficult in a larger college. It was quite daunting at 17 years of age to move out from home and try and find your feet, I can easily say it was the best thing I could have done.

I have certainly made the most of the GMIT experience by getting involved in and attending many events throughout the year such as the IT factor, the end of year ball, clubs and societies etc. I also joined the ladies football club in GMIT we managed to get to the All-Ireland quarter final in 2013. It was a great experience.

When I graduate, I plan to travel to London and train to be an ICU nurse specialist.  GMIT Mayo organised mentors from London to visit our nursing class and told us how we could train in England, many of the nurses that have completed our nursing course are currently over in England specialising in their own field of choice. GMIT can open many doors for you even after you have qualified.

GMIT is a close college, everyone knows everyone, whether you’re in the same course or not and that is what adds to the entire experience. I have great memories from my last three years in GMIT Mayo Campus and I would certainly recommend this campus to anyone that is thinking of attending this college.

Course Details:

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in General Nursing

Studying Nursing in the Mayo Campus in GMIT in the West of Ireland.

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