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Pyschiatric Nursing (Mayo Campus) - Siobhain Lane

Pyschiatric Nursing (Mayo Campus) - Siobhain Lane

Psychiatric Nursing is the most rewarding and fulfilling job you could ask for. It challenges you both physically and mentally and allows you to achieve your full potential.

I chose this course because I was fascinated by how moods, thoughts and emotions can have such on a one’s mental health.

GMIT Mayo is like a home from home. From the minute I walked in, I was greeted with warm, welcoming smiles from friendly faces. If you have any interest in sport you will automatically be recruited for their teams.

Football is clearly a priority up this side of the island so I was more than happy to be part of the team. Camogie is clearly not a strong point up in Mayo so I took a brave notion and set up a Camogie club for leisure for everyone and anyone.

I also dipped my toe in basketball, soccer, archery and even surfing. That's what GMIT Mayo is all about, finding who you are and what you love. I feel apart of a big family with the capability to walk anywhere in GMIT Mayo and meet a friendly face.

I feel I've started to grow into someone I'm proud to be as a result of my experiences at GMIT Mayo. I was awarded the Sports Person of the Year in first year and have been the Welfare and Equality Officer in the Student Union for the last two years.