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Nursing, Health Sciences and Social Care

GMIT Mayo students

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Applied Social Care

Four year honours degree in applied social care, including a 12 week work placement in Year 2 and a 14 week placement in Year 3.

Discipline: Nursing, Health Sciences and Social Care

Programme Code: 


Location: Mayo

NFQ Level: 8

Programme Duration: Four years

Mode of Study: Full time

Application Route: Apply through the CAO

Places: 20

CAO Round 1 Points: 260 (2019)

Why Study?

We live in challenging times and so many different groups of people need care and support in our community. The homeless, unemployed, people with special needs, children, teenagers and older people. 

Would you like to be part of a team who support those in need? If so, this is the programme for you.

This programme prepares students to develop honest, caring and supportive relationships with the more vulnerable people in our communities.

Programme Modules

Year One

  • Learning and Innovation Skills
  • PC Apps
  • Intro to Social Care
  • Exploring Values 
  • Intro to Sociology 
  • Invitation to Psychology 
  • Intro to Law 
  • Reflective Personal Development
  • Group Activities for Social Care Practitioners 
  • Intercultural Studies 
  • Creativity in Social Care 

Year Two

  • Professional Practice 1 
  • Social Care Theory & Practice  
  • Applied Social Theory
  • Advocacy in Social Care 
  • Introduction to Health Promotion  


  • Community Development
  • Social Research
  • Professional Developmental Skills
  • Voluntary Sector Organisations 


Year Three

  • Professional Practice 2
  • Preparation for Social Care Practice 
  • Pedagogical Practice and Social Care 
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Philosophy of the Self


  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Community and Sustainability
  • Devevlopmental Psychology                                            


Year Four

  • Social Theory
  • Ethics for Social Care  
  • Relationships in Social Care 
  • Health Promotion – Theory & Practice 
  • Human Rights  
  • Child Care
  • Contemporary Issues in Mental Health 
  • Addiction and Social Care


  • Dissertation
  • International Social Work
  • Care of the Older Person
  • Youth Work
  • Disability & Social Care
  • Offenders, Ex-Prisoners and Care
  • Community Arts Development

Career Opportunities

The career opportunities for the Social Care Worker is vast and varied, the areas of employment include:

  • Mental Health Services
  • Community & Voluntary organisations
  • Supporting the older person at times of vulnerability
  • Supporting young people and adolescents
  • Supporting those in residential care
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Addiction services
  • Traveller Groups
  • Childcare services
  • Working with individuals or the broader community

Follow-on Studies: 

We have as strong record of students progressing to Level 9 and Level 10 studies in a variety of fields including Social Work.

Essential Information: 

Module delivery

A number of the above modules are jointly delivered across different disciplines.

This means that social care students will get a chance to meet and interact with students from other degree courses like Outdoor Education and Digital Media and Society.


Work placement

Work Placement is an integral and mandatory element in the BA (Hons) Degree in Applied Social Care.

Students will be expected to undertake a 12 week placement in Year 2 and a 14 week placement in Year 3.

While the majority of placement sites are local, there are a number of specialist sites outside of the immediate locality.


Exit Award

There is an option for an exit award; for those who successfully complete years 1-3 may obtain the award of a BA ordinary degree in Applied Social Care.


Transfer Applications

If you are transferring into this course from another social care course, you will need to supply this essential documentation (PDF, 598KB)

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