Graduate Stories

Outdoor education Graduate - Desera McDonagh

What I Do:  Post Graduate Student Counselling

I completed my honours degree in Outdoor Education in 2008.  Since then I have gone on to study counselling at Strathclyde University in Scotland. This course is a one year post graduate diploma, which leads to a professional qualification in counselling. It entails a mix of experiential work in terms of counselling practice, which I completed at three counselling agencies in Glasgow, and academic work which covers the theory involved in a Person-Centred approach to counselling.

How the course helped me

I feel that my studies of Outdoor Education have given me a firm foundation upon which to build my training as a counsellor.  The emphasis on being a reflective practitioner allowed me to develop the skills of critically evaluating my own work.  This is essential in the maturation of my counselling practice.  The knowledge which I gained in terms of facilitation and experiential learning has proved central and helps in understanding key elements of the person centred approach.  Also the potential which Outdoor Education can offer in terms of personal development has allowed me to envision being able to offer the therapeutic value which the outdoors has in my work as a counsellor in the future. In conclusion I believe that an honours degree in Outdoor Education can lead on to a huge variety of post grads all you need to add is perseverance and imagination.