Graduate Stories

Outdoor Education Graduate - Mark Toner

Mark Toner

What I do: Trainer & Entrepreneur

My name is Mark Toner and I completed the degree in outdoor education in 2005. I worked part time through my college years in security and after the degree was asked to manage the training department a Galway based Irish Security Company. During my time there the company grew successfully opening four additional offices in Ireland as well as Cardiff in Wales and Wembley in London. I became the Director of Training and Development and was responsible for the training function of 1,200 staff in three countries. In 2007 I left to establish my own specialised security training company ICSE. In 2008 I also started to produce Instructional DVD’s which we now sell to security personnel worldwide.  Since then we have continued to expand with the Development of Landan Carver training Consultants. In this company we look at training solutions that are blended, involving a mix of delivery systems — E-Learning, onsite tutor, off-site tutor delivery through video conferencing, and so on. In any training solution, the quality of the program depends on the quality of the delivery system.


How the course helped me

Prior to my completion of the degree in outdoor education, security training revolved around students in class rooms being lectured through power point slides. I was able to bring an array of experiential education principles and adult learning techniques learned on the outdoor course to an environment where previous training was trainer rather than trainee lead. The results are evident in the rapid expansion of the company and our current status in the Irish and international security training industry. The Outdoor Education course gave me the skills to revolutionise training within an industry but more importantly develop my character and make friends for life. The people I met on that course have become some of my closest friends, and strongest critics, I can’t recommend it highly enough.