Graduate Stories

Outdoor Education Graduate - Nathalie Kane

Nathalie Kane



What I do: Teacher and  Supervisor with COPE foundation 

I am a supervisor/teacher in one of the 60 Cope foundation centres, based in Co. Cork. Cope provides for people with intellectual disabilities. The centre that I work in has 180 clients. I care for 15 adults in the crafts department, who are all very creative. Daily activities include arts and crafts, music, drama and play, with the intent of working on the client’s personal and social development. My work also will include some outdoor education as I am presently creating a module to cover this area.


How the course helped me

I love my present work and in some ways it is an easy task for me, thanks to my own development of the particular skills of teaching/facilitation and creative workshops on the outdoor education course in GMIT. I also teach a nature education class. My knowledge and interest for nature developed greatly during my time on the outdoor education course. At the moment, I am in the organisation stage of introducing an outdoor pursuit’s module, which will benefit the client’s personal and social development.