Painting, Photography, Printmaking - Studio Practice 4


This is a practical, studio based, year long module with emphasis on research and interdisciplinary study. The aim of the module is to enable the student to create an in-depth and well researched, self-directed studio project followed by the resolution of research, creative output and thinking. This will be examined through their BA Honours Degree Presentation and public exhibition.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify clearly a topic of personal investigation and articulate an informed understanding and advanced critical awareness of that personal investigation in relation to contemporary art and theory.

  2. Attain essential research skills through in- depth processes and methodologies to situate practice within a contemporary art context.

  3. Devise and display outcomes of material and process research by evolving initial research coherently towards the realisation of completed artworks. 

  4. Define and document research agendas in relation to studio practices

  5. Articulate complex ideas, concepts and the relationship between artwork and an audience.

  6. Exercise sophisticated critical judgement in relation to individual practice by displaying mastery in material handling and formal dexterity in work exhibited.

  7. Formulate planning and sophistication in a considered approach to the presentation of final exhibition.

% Coursework 100%