Practice development 1 - Quality and Practice


This module is designed to assist the learner to blend college and work-based learning to develop practice.

GMIT will provide to the learner an intensive preparatory week prior to commencement of practice development 1. The week will include both practical and theoretical inputs to enable the learner to enter practice development adequately prepared. Practical training will include manual handling, child protection guidelines, ethical guidelines and the use of the software package, pebble pad.

Theoretical inputs will include the examination of the role of ‘Intermediate Practitioner’ as detailed in The Model Framework for Education, Training and Professional Development in the Early Childhood and Care sector (DJELR 2002) to assist the learner to set appropriate learning goals for practice development.

The purpose of the learning journal, models of critical reflection and confidentiality and anonymity in keeping a practice development journal and set task completion will be detailed.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Through critical reflection have a heightened sense of the 'self'.

  2. Conduct an audit of their environment within the ECEC setting.

  3. Evaluate an intervention drawing upon a range of theorists.

  4. Evidence an ability to establish and maintain relationsips within the ECEC setting.

  5. Design a creativity piece to illustrate scaffolding of childhood learning and development.

% Coursework 100%