Professional Development Plan


Professional development is an ongoing process that allows individuals to improve their knowledge, skills and competence and to develop the professional and personal qualities required for success throughout their professional life. Through engagement in this module learners will identify areas of strength and areas for improvement, and develop a personalised development plan demonstrating their capacities for prospective employment or self-employment.

Within the module learners will take two certified, externally delivered, relevant courses. The courses offered may differ each year. An example of relevant courses include: (i) STCW Personal Survival Techniques; (ii) ISA Powerboat Level 2; (iii) JNCC/SMART Certified MMO course; (iv) EUROWA certified BASIC Responder Training (BRT) for Oiled Wildlife Response.

Sustainable development topics referenced within the module include: Good Health and well-being; Quality Education; Climate Action; Life Below Water; and Peace Justice and Strong Institutions.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and articulate their differentiated learning experience

  2. Creation of a personal and professional development plan

  3. Evince an ability to appraise recruitment processes and match their profile to the selection criteria.

  4. Develop a communication plan demonstrating knowledge and awareness of different stakeholders

  5. External courses will also have specific  learning outcomes e.g.

    STCW Personal Survival Techniques: Certified to go to sea with the essential basic knowledge and experience needed to maximise chances of survival in the case of an emergency.

    ISA Powerboat Level 2: Certified to helm a powerboat safely without supervision, in good conditions and familiar waters, and to have a basic knowledge of boat preparation and handling.

    MMO: accredited Marine Mammal Observer to carry out visual observations for marine animals in compliance with applicable regulations, guidelines, permits or  Notice to Lessees and  Operators  (NTL)  as stipulated by the country or specific region of operation.

    BRT: to contribute towards national preparedness and response capability when it comes to pollution incidents involving marine wildlife such as birds, seals and cetaceans.

% Coursework 100%