Professional Practice in IT


This module is intended to bring together many of the best practices that the student has learned in the previous semesters.  It give the student an opportunity to design, develop and deploy a project, either individually or in a group environment, delivering a piece of software in a timely and standards driven manner.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The student will:

    • Have a detailed understanding of how to use Software Design Techniques to develop the solution to a real life business problem.
    • Understand practical uses of Digital Media in preparation of a Project Presentation.
  2. The students will gain a more detailed knowledge of the following

    • Applications Design
    • Systems Development (standalone or web based)
    • Software System Security
    • Database Technologies
  3. Students will be able to

    • work effectively on their own or in a group
    • report to the lecturer in charge
    • prepare a PROJECT MAP and implement it
    • prepare project documents as required
    • communicate with others in a commercial applications project
    • produce a professional project report and user guide
  4. Students will demonstrate a range of specialised skills in the development of Application Software such as

    • preparing specialised reports
    • tailoring their knowledge to that of the project requirements
    • developing specialised algorithms or Modules for use in the project
  5. The student will have the ability to

    • learn new techniques by self learning such as self paced Web based tutorials
    • put into practice any new skills learned from self paced Web tutorials
  6. The student will have the ability to

    • link together lecture material with self learning methods in the solution of a business type problem
    • learn from mistakes made in previous approaches to problem solving
  7. At the end of the project each student must be able to produce the following :-

    • A detailed PROJECT MAP involving all stages of development
    • A professional presentation giving a detailed breakdown of all aspects of the project
    • A professionally bound (Hard Bind) project report detailing all the development stages of the project as well as any unique contributions
    • A practical demonstration of their work to the lecturer in charge as well as 2 or 3 business persons.
% Coursework 100%