Professional Practice in Medical Science


This module introduces the medical science student to professional practice. The module will provide an introduction to the various disciplines within medical science as well as providing an introduction to some of the standards of proficiency that are required in order to practise as a medical scientist.  

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the role of a medical scientist in the context of the Irish health service.

  2. Identify legal and ethical issues, including issues relating to consent, confidentiality and data protection, that pertain to medical science.

  3. State basic theory in medical science disciplines. 

  4. Competently perform a selection of laboratory techniques in medical science with due regard for health and safety in a medical laboratory environment.

  5. Analyse and interpret laboratory results and recognise the role of laboratory results in clinical decision making and patient care.

  6. Understand and apply effective communication skills and demonstrate an awareness of the importance of good communication skills in a collaborative setting.

% Coursework 100%